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You Don't Know

Iíve seen you after school 
Iím new here you are too
I think you think Iím just too sweet
Funny Ďcause youíre just me type
Rough boys make me hyper
I wish you didnít think I was a queen.

Cause you donít know   (you donít know)
Just how far Iíd go  (2x)

You may think Iím being queer
But itís about everything I feel
Want to send you a note during class
Your girlfriend looks really tough
Maybe sheís not enough for you
If I had to I would kick her ass
Mom and Dad think your trouble
I donít care I could love you
Plus I donít believe a word they say
They think Iím a little baby
They donít know just how crazy
I can be when Iím on a date
Iím watching every move you make
It wonít be long before I break you
You and me alone thatís all it takes
But for now youíre a mystery
You cloud all I do and see
Iíll wait for you every single day

words by Molly Kindelberger