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Drama Queen

Oh baby please
Iíve got what you need
Thereís nothing stopping me from
fulfilling your dreams
Exotic Supreme
Let me be your queen
Shake me up with a twist of lime
and Iíll make your engine scream
Itís the pleasing and the teasing
itís the loving and the needing
Itís the lust of the living and the excitement
in the giving
Honey, Honey, I
Want to show you why
Iíd rather do it now that let it pass us by
This is not a dream
Iím what I seem
A sexy little drama queen
with a love for the obscene
Want me, heart and soul
Feelings that you hold
Tell me what you know
Your love makes me whole
Itís easy to see
You want to be with me
Why donít you just let go
and accept your fantasy
Erotic Supreme
Let me be your queen
You can spin me round and round
until I drop to my knees

words by Molly Kindelberger