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Deanna is the lead singer and bass player of The Hulas.  Prior to this she sang lead for a cover band, The Giggs - a quirky group of software programmers, hence the name.  She has been singing out since the age of five when she sang her first song "I'm a Little Holly Berry."  In fact, during her early years in preschool, the teacher had to actually ask her to stop singing.  One time the teacher did find a song that she liked and said, "That is such a pretty song, why don't you sing it again?" At the age of 4 Deanna replied "OK, I'll try Ms. Martin, but I just made it up right now so I am not really sure if I CAN sing it again."  Needless to say, she has gotten better at remembering the lyrics and tunes she and the Hulas write.  You can find Deanna doing all kinds of odd things, singing backup for other bands, performing in musical theater shows, and recording commercials for the radio stations.